Tibet train running schedule

                    The Tibet Train running map with China these cities

This Tibet train map is our travel expert dedicated for clients understand the Qinghai-Tibet railway running route before you consider the Tibet train tour,and obviouly let you know which china citeis running the train with Tibet ,and the train distance and running times between these cities to Tibe.

   The Tibet is locate at the roof of the wolrd with a chilly climate region in asia.and whole avarage over 4000m sea level.also the Tibet is a  transportation condition undeveloped region in China  before open the railway.if the tourist travel to Tibet  only depend  on airline or by jeep overland  entry to Tibet.Since July-1st.2006 the Qinghai-Tibet railway began operations, for the people once go to Tibet get much convenient and  affordable transportation condition.along the the railway opened , the railway company begin running the the train from China these cities to Tibet.For people have one more channel and opt  chance than before,Actually for people providing a anesis high sickness way.also the railway cross whole of northeast   Tibet vast plateau. along the railway there are many extraordinary nature scenry as fascinating grassland .Lakes ,snow mountains.all of these landmarks is unique in the world,for traveler this is an amaze opportunity to appreciate the Tibet plateau by train before arrival Lhasa.

   The following train schedule. we are according to the train station  version to offer our client to reference  before you plan  the train tour from China to Tibet, all of these information same as the train station version.if there are any change we are on time update these schedule in our website page.

                                          The Qinghai –Tibet Train Schedule


City name





Ticket price


Soft bed




























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  Note: This train form we are according to the railway company standard version to put in our website for our clients to reference it before you consider the train tour from China to Tibet or Tibet to China these cities,All of these information inclusive the distance, ticket price,running time,running day etc.if there any change we will instantly follow the railway company standard version to update the information in our website.Warmly mention that,for foreign traveler if without Tibet original tour permit.All train ticket window refuse to issue the train ticket for you to Tibet,

   The Tibet internal train Lhasa-Shigatse and Shigatse-Lhasa

  1) The new train road running from 2014 Lhasa -Shigatse and Shigatse to Lhasa both citeis ,this is a                     shortly railway road in Tibet .

    Lhasa-Shigatse  Z8801  Dep 09:00--Arr 12:09    

     Shigatse-Lhasa Z8802 Dep17:30--Arr20:05 

   Warmly mention:Between the Lhasa-Shigatse the railway distance is 280km.the train running every day and need 3hrs 

    2)  The Tibet internal another railway Lhasa-Nyingtri was open from June-25th-2021 

    Lhasa-Nyingtri C881  Depart 08:00  - Arr 11:41

    Nyingtri-Lhasa  C882 Depart 12:05    Arr 15:44

 Warmly mention: Between the Lhasa-Nyingtri the railway distance is 400km,the train running each day and the 4hrs between both cities,

   Note:Unless the Beijing_Lhasa No Z21/Z22 train and Xining-Lhasa N9801/N9802 train have operate every day between both of cities, Other train will departure the next day .Accordance the Qinghai-Tibet railway office regular ,if the passenger  need purchase the Qinghai-Tibet railway train ticket from China to Tibet or departure from Tibet to China must booking  before 20days prior to your departure, otherwise you cannot purchase the train ticket to into Tibet or depart from Tibet to  China by train. If you booking the Tibet tour with our Tibetanstravel tour operator team .we will help you booking the train t  icket from these cities to Tibet .and from Tibet to china these cities.

 The Train FAQ

 1.  What documents are needed to board a train to Tibet?

If you are taking the train to Tibet from China , you will only need a copy of theTibet tour permit we will send a copy of the permit by email that you can print out and take with you on the train  

2  What types of seats are available on the train?

There are three main types of seats on the train: hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper.
 Hard seat is just a metal seat where all passengers sit next to each other in open compartments of 4 or 6. Westerners rarely choose this option, especially for long train rides.
In hard sleepers there are 6 berths to a cabin and you will have your own bed. There is enough space to lie down but not sit up on your bunk. Soft sleeper is the most comfortable and expensive option on the train. They are usually expensive than hard sleepers. There are 4 berths in each cabin and is equipped with its own TV. Toilets on the train are shared and are located at the end of each carriage

Can I book the train tickets myself?

You can book your train tickets to and from Tibet, but you should know that train tickets to and from Tibet starts sell 20 days before the departure date and can only be purchased from the train ticket counter located in the departing city; you can’t book your tickets online. Buying your own train tickets is very hard and generally only possible during the low seaso

4 Why do I have to pay a few hundred more than actual to get a train ticket?

Train tickets to Tibet are in very high demand and are nearly impossible to acquire in the regular way. First off, there are limited trains to Tibet and most of the seats are under state control, especially in soft sleeper. There are only 48 soft berths in each train and the government occupies most of them when they are needed. Secondly, there are numerous ticket-dealing agents that sell the tickets for a higher cost; so during high season, all tickets come with a very expensive servicc  

What are the risks if I try to book my own train tickets during the high season?

We should always book train tickets from the ticket dealers in advance. If you would like to book your own ticket, then we won’t book your ticket for you and you will have to get in line at the train ticket counter to purchase them. It is very common that all the train tickets are sold out before they even begin to be sold from the ticket counter. In this care, we will try to purchase the tickets for you but because of the late booking, there might be an expensive surcharge  

How far is the Lhasa Train Station from the city?

The Lhasa Train Station is only 15km southwest of Lhasa. It is separated from the main city by Lhasa River. It should only take around 25 minutes to get to the center of the Lhasa city.

7 How do I receive the train tickets if I booked them with you?

If you book the train tickets with us along with the packaged tour, then we will arrange for the train tickets to be delivered to your hotel in China. You will need to send us the address of your hotel and your booking number. Usually we will make the delivery 7 days prior to departure 

8 When should I arrive at the train station?

For the most part, trains depart on time and you are advised to arrive at the train station 2 hours before your departure time. You will need to fill out a health record form prior to departing and there are often many people in line so it may take some time to check into the train.

9 Are meals served on the train?

Each train has a dinner car with a capacity of 40-50 seats. The dining car mainly serves Chinese cuisines, noodles, soups and dishes. If you don’t want to eat in the dinner car, then there is a delivery cart that will bring dishes around to each car every meal. If you need to purchase dishes, the cost will increase by RMB 25. For breakfast, they generally serve the Chinese breakfast as pickles, eggs, bread and rice porridge for RMB 15-20



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