Mt.Kailash: the supreme pilgrim's destination for the Tibet Buddhism,Hinduism and Tibetan Bonnism, it is located in the far west of Tibet plateau and 1,600k...
Mt.Everest is known as the worlds third pole,the Tibetan called Qomolangma.it is located at the south west of Tibet and sino-nepal border.the Mt Everest is stan...
Sera monastery
Sera monastery
Sera monastery : Located at 8km of the north part of the Lhasa city,It was founded in 1419 by Sakya Yeshe a disciple of the Tsongkhapa also known by the honorif...
Potala palace
Potala palace
Potala palace :The Potala palace was situated in the top of the Marpo-ri hill at lhasa city,it is built by the 33th Tibetan religious king of the Songtsan Gampo...
Tsetang hotel ★★★★
Tsetang hotel  ★★★★
the Tsetang hotel is locatsed at Tsetang town.it is a 4 star standard hotel with 90rooms.the hotel supply western style .Add:Naidong road Tsetang town Tibet Chi...
Shigatse hotel ★★★
Shigatse hotel  ★★★
The Shigatse hotel is located at the Shigatse city. it is a government owned 4 star standard hotel with 150 rooms in this city.the hotel facilities and servi...
Kyichu hotel★★★
Kyichu hotel★★★
The Kyichu Hotel is named after the Kyichu River, which in Tibetan is known as "the river of happiness". A tributary of the Yarlung Tsangpo (also know...
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Discover the mysterious of Tibet in 2024

Discover the mysterious of Tibet in 2024 Tour price: Package tour price $Duration: 4-10days 
Departure Time: everyday 
Highlight: Mt.Kailash / Mt.Everest / Sera monastery / Potala palace /  
Hotel: Tsetang hotel ★★★★ / Shigatse hotel ★★★ / Kyichu hotel★★★ /  

                         Our Famous highlight and culture tour

These carefully selected highlight tours and itineraries mainly offer our clients authentic accessible routes for the most famous  Tibetan culture along with  our amazing natural scenery, All of these cities or towns are served by comfortable accommodations, conveniently located even in remote areas, So for most travelers planning a Tibet tour, they can choose these popular tour programs with several exciting  highlight tour options from our website.If you want further information, please go to our website:  http://www.tibetanstravel.com      

                    Our Most Popular General Tours

Highlights: UNESCO World Heritage: The Famous Potala Palace, seen in many movies.  The old historic temple–Jokhang Temple (UNESCO).The three biggest Tibetan Gelukpa school monasteries –Drepung and Sera and the garden temple-Norbulinka UNESCO) ,and Bakhor Street.Brahmaputra River, Gangbala Pass, the Turquoise Lake Yamdrok. The Karo-la Glacier, the traditional town-Gytantse and the Dzong Castle , Tibet’s second largest historic city-Shigatse,The Tibet first monastery-Samye ,and the cradle of the Tibetan’s town-Tsetang.the third -great vista: Mt. Everest  and The Kyirong great canyon    
                              Our Most Popular Special Tours

These special tour itineraries focuse the travel to main historic town and  add scenery beyond the popular tour.  Some of the itineraries have accommodations with more rigorous road conditions which might be of interest to the more adventurous traveler.

Highlights: UNESCO World Heritage: The Famous Potala Palace, seen in many movies.  The long old historic temple–Jokhang Temple (UNESCO).The three biggest Tibetan Gelukpa school monasteries –Drepung and Sera and the garden temple-Norbulinka UNESCO) and Tibet Museum ,and Bakhor Street.Brahmaputra River, Gangbala Pass, the Turquoise Lake Yamdrok. The Karo-la Glacier, the traditional town-Gytantse and the Dzong Castle , Tibet’s second largest historic city-Shigatse,The Tibet first monastery-Samye ,and the cradle of the Tibetan’s town-Tsetang.the third -great vista: Mt. Everest  and The Kyirong great canyon

▪ Tour code : 8days Tsurphu-Namtso-Reting-Tidrum nunnery-Drigung--til special tour

Note:Above these tour itineraries are only covered Tibet local service ,if you need let us arrange the tour in China or Nepal part,we can  according to your requiremen to arrangement for you.
                                      Key information
1 Basically Information for the two chapters of tour recommends 
This pages two chapter of highlight of tour is comprehensive coverage the Tibet important cultural sights and the fascinateing nature landscapes.these tour programs coverage from the good condition city stretch to the remotness region as the Northwestern Tibet plain and southeast regions.All of these highlight sights is without doubt one of the most remarkable palces to vist in Asia,
 2 Essential requirement you need know before plan the Tibet 
Due to the Tibet uncertainly political and the complicated climate factor bring force the traveler many  restriction,therefore before consider plan the Tibet tour. firstly consider that what documents and personal equipment you need essential prepare for your remote trip.and must to know how to access the Tibet before you determinated then by internet or friend recommend to contact a reliable and qualified travel agency arrange the Tibet tour for you 
3 Responsible to recommend  the good location and delicious foods resturant for you option
During you travel in Tibet as Lhasa city;Shigatse,Gyantse;Tsetang;Nyingtri;Nagqu town there are numerous restaurant available for you and every style and budget you can choice at there, if you travel to remote area as Mt.Everest and far-west Tibet as Kailash area you only can be choice the Tibetan and Chinese restaurant .if you not used in Tibetan and Chinese food may bring your own rank and file for travel outside of these town ,specially in Lhasa city there few Nepal restaurant will be available for you ,these restaurant offer the western food and Nepal Indian south korea food so for our client we arrangement the meals as them interest. Meanwhile we will special arrangement one meal in Tibetan style restaurant for our client to taste the local Tibetan food .
Note:    Here we will recommend some good location and can serve western food restaurant for you to choice in around old part of Lhasa city, Dunya resturant /Snowland restaurant/ New Mandala restuant / Lhasa kitch /Tashi No01/Namaste restaurant/ above these restaurant can serve you english meamu with nepal/Tibetan/indian/western Food for you availabe ,



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