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Our strongly recommend Tibet tours for 2022
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Our amaze trekking &Adventure tour for 2022
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Tour code-TO01 : 21days Ti...
Tour code-TO01 : 21days Tibet-Kailash-Kashgar Hwy overland tour
Best visit time: May-Sept Elev:3600m-5200m
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Tour code-TO02 : 10days Nepal-Tibet friendship Hwy overland tour
Best visit time:April-Oct Elev:3600m-5200m
Tour code-TO03 : 11days Qi...
Tour code-TO03 : 11days Qinghai-Tibet Hwy overland tour
Best visit time : March-Oct Elev:2500m-4700m

What our client say

Subject: Greetings from Germany
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 03:15:11 -0400

Dear Tenzin,
some times ago we where in Lhasa and meet you!
It was nice to see you and we were glad about this. We remeber this 
meeting often and when we see the fotos we can not forget your help and
your friendly informations.
Our trip back to Nepal was very good and we had some unforgetable  impressions. Many days we can see the Mount Everest - it was so great!!!
Here we send some pictures for you (also in an other mail...)
We hope you are well and we wish you all the best!
With kind regards from
Rita, Dietrich and Romy 

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